About Us

In 1959, Bernard and his father, Charles Nanneman, purchased the land where Nanneman Farms sits today raising strawberries, bush beans and wheat.  Ben and his son, Marty, went into full partnership in 1992 as Nanneman Farms and now run a thriving fresh market operation that sells strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries to local patrons, fruit stands and businesses in Salem, Eugene, Corvallis, Bend and Vancouver, Washington.  Nanneman Farms also sells processed berries to Willamette Valley Fruit Company.   Marty runs a farm with grass seed, wheat, berries, and several seed crops including sugar beet, cabbage, radish, pea, parsley, and a variety of wild flower seeds.

Visit Nanneman Farms Fruit Stand to try our delicious fruit; we pick you the berry best!